Open Source

On-chain data retrieval is the most fundamental functionality of node technology in a blockchain network. L2scan aims to be a leader in on-chain data indexing technology by providing advanced and mature front-end, back-end, and retrieval techniques. L2scan will gradually expand its open-source efforts and actively invite blockchain developers to participate in the co-construction of on-chain data retrieval technology.
Community support: Unifra-Lab will provide an active community for positive communication, support, and problem-solving. Developers can seek help, share experiences, and continuously improve open-source technology within the community.
Lower development costs: L2scan is provided for free, thus lowering development costs. In the future, developers can utilize existing open-source indexing tools and frameworks or modify them without having to invest significant time and resources in developing their indexing system.
Easy integration: Open-source data indexing solutions can be easily integrated into any blockchain network. This means that different blockchain networks, regardless of their specific protocols or structures, can effectively manage and access their on-chain data using these tools.
Promoting innovation: By utilizing open-source indexing technology, developers can build advanced applications and tools that promote innovation. They can explore new data analysis and visualization methods to better understand on-chain data.
In summary, L2scan’s open-source vision is to make on-chain data retrieval, a fundamental functionality, no longer a bottleneck or productivity barrier in the industry but rather a simple, secure, and efficient integration. This allows all developers who wish to participate in co-building retrieval technology to fully unleash their imagination in innovation and optimization.

The open-source code repositories for L2scan will be updated gradually as follows.


Note: Now L2scan has open source for all chains’s explorers, including the framework of front-end, back-end, and indexer. Chains are just integration.

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We’re on the brink of unveiling our new open-sourced L2scan version, which boasts features such as a cross-chain search engine, rollup-data structure, and user portal for Layer 2.